The college and school are affiliated to 100 bedded St. Ann's Hospital for students' clinical practice. Apart from the parent hospital, the college and School are also affiliated to MGM Govt. Hospital (1000 beds), Govt. Maternity Hospital (100 beds) and Institute of mental health for advanced clinical practice.

College Structure

The College boasts a campus of 7 acres of lush greenery which houses the college building and an outdoor play area for the students. Extra spacious classrooms, well-equipped laboratories for all the specialization subjects and a vast library await the aspirants of nursing at St.Ann’s. The wide variety of audio – visual aids help teachings to be student – centered and makes learning easy.



Hostel accommodation is compulsory for students. Spacious and well furnished rooms are available to accommodate 3 – 5 students with provision for personal lockers. The hostel has study room, recreational room and a prayer room.

Spacious and well furnished rooms to accommodate 3-5 students with provision for personal lockers are available.

  1. Clean and hygienic bathroom and toilets.
  2. Supervision by Sisters as wardens to provide every student an emotional security, guidance and comfort.


  1. Healthy and tasty Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian diet.
  2. Hygienic and balanced food is prepared to suit the needs of growing youth.
  3. Encouraged to follow proper eating habits and etiquette.
  4. Purified drinking water is available all through the year.

The student hostel is a temporary home for the students. It is a social institution in which the students learn to live together and adjust with one another and help each other in their study. Like every organization, the student hostel also has certain rules and regulations which must be observed to maintain order and discipline.